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Studio 46 is all about collaboration. We'd love you to get in touch. 

If you want to register your interest for working in the space, fill in our form on the home page. For anything else, flick us a message through here or give Lou a call on 027 562 3415.



Studio 46 is a co-working space where creatives, designers, freelancers and entrepreneurs can come together and grow their business ideas. Based in Invercargill, New Zealand, we think it's the world's most southern co-working space. 

The space

This co-working space is made for entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers who want a flexible and fun work environment. 

Invercargill co-working space

The Space

Startups are hard when you’re working from a noisy café or alone in the spare room. So we want a space to bring together like-minded people, fresh ideas and business solutions.

Flexible working co-work

Flexible work hours

You might work 9-5 five days a week. Or only on Mondays for 12 hours in one hit. No matter your work schedule we'll create a pricing plan to fit. All members will have keys to the space, and drop ins are welcome for a fee.


Bottomless coffee

There are two things that keep a start up going: a stable internet connection and a bottomless cup of coffee. We’ll have both. Bring your clients in for a meeting, and offer them a latte and the ability to stream as many cat videos as they like.


Work hard, play hard

Break out spaces allow thinking time, and members can invite others in for informal meetings within these breakout spaces. These will also include play spaces like ping-pong tables, or mini putt. All non-members will need to be signed in.


The bells and whistles

Full-time members will get the benefit of having mail delivered to the space, signage on the front door, lockers for storing their work and access to the space after hours. Boardrooms and AV equipment can be booked for meetings too.

Networking co-work

Organic networking

Weekly Happy Hours allow co-workers to debrief after a week of work. It's a great time to invite potential new members to check out the space too. Think tanks help quickly brainstorm ideas, and job walls offer new opportunities for members. 


It's your choice

Do you want a permanent desk, a lockable office or are you happy just grabbing a hot desk wherever it suits on the day. Maybe you will move your entire team there, or use the space as an away office for your travelling employees. It's up to you.